Why is the ID so importante?

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Surely you who are reading this text will remember some announcement in groups and / or social networks of people who lost their puppies.

In addition to the fright and sadness of a family that loses their little dog, we cannot calculate the trauma and fright of the dog itself. We often have no control over the level of trauma for having gone through that experience.

Our goal here is not to go deeper and scare or frighten you, but to remember how much situations like this can be avoided if your puppy has the identification plate. In the same way that we see owners looking for their dogs, we also see other people who find lost dogs and don't know how to take them to their families or even wonder if they have one.

A dog that is identified is a dog that will not only be easier to find, but is also a dog that we know has owners. Because, unfortunately, abandonment is still a present reality.

id contact for dogs and cats

If your puppy has your name and phone number, automatically whoever found him will be able to get in touch and avoid a lot of inconvenience for everyone. Do you agree?

If you still haven't identified your dog, do it right now and ensure more safety and comfort for all of you.

The best thing is that Dog.u walking products They already come with an identification plate to record your puppy's data, such as, for example, the tutor's name and contact telephone number. Very practical, isn't it?



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