How to spend dog´s energy at home?

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Have you ever stopped to think that your dog at home might be bored?

We are going through a very difficult time. And with that, some activities that we used to do with our dogs ended up being compromised. With the change in routine and limited activities, consequently, many people still don't feel safe to return to the normal pace of walks.

The fact of being in the same environment for a long time can make room for your best friend's boredom, anxiety and agitation. This factor can disrupt socializing and compromise your dog's mental health.

spending dog energy

Check out 5 tips to help you contribute to your dog's energy expenditure at home.


Routine directly contributes to the reduction of anxiety. Planning is the basis of everything. And you can start with small gestures, which will benefit in very significant ways in your dog's behavior at home.

If you are not available to do some exercise with your dog every day of the week, determine the best days and times to exercise this activity.


Play is a great way to spend your dog's energy at home. Today, you can find a huge variety of interactive toys that fit your best friend's play preferences.

In addition to fun, interactive toys directly contribute to your dog's mental health, stimulating their natural behaviors through sounds, shapes and textures.

It's always important to remember that even the joke must have a time to start and to end. And that's where the first tip comes in! Fit the game into your best friend's routine, and don't forget: nothing replaces your interaction. Always find a time to enjoy moments together.


If you've been putting off training with your dog, this can be a great opportunity to start!

Training contributes directly to your dog's distraction and fun, as well as improving its cognitive abilities.

Start training with small basic commands such as sit, paw, roll and lie down. And if you find it necessary, you can already count on several online dressage companies to help you.


Offering food in an interactive and stimulating way makes all the difference! And slow feeders are a great option for an energy expenditure indoors.

With its small obstacles, this feeder shape stimulates the dogs natural instincts. In addition to contributing to a much more peaceful meal.

Another benefit of the slow feeder is that it is adaptable to all types of food. With dry food or natural food, you can provide your dog with various stimuli at home through a meal.


We know that one hour we will resume our routine. And, consequently, our dogs will go back to being alone at home for hours.

As incredible and pleasurable as it may be, it is very important to know how to measure the moments of interaction with your dog. After that, he will understand that it's okay to be alone at home for a certain period.

It is very important to always be aware of the signs of your dog's behavior!

As we mentioned above, the lack or reduction of outings can make room for moments of boredom and anxiety. Follow the tips above to assist you in this period of change, and if necessary, seek help from a professional to help you.

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