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 Complementary food for dogs and cats

Anchovies are a premium and 100% natural option to indulge your pet. They are packed with essential nutrients, especially omega 3 and omega 6, which promote optimal health in dogs and cats.

We use a natural dehydration process to preserve the nutrients of the anchovies, ensuring that your pet gets all the benefits this snack offers. By chewing on these treats, your pet will not only enjoy their delicious taste but also contribute to maintaining healthy teeth and optimal oral hygiene.

In addition to being a nutritious option, Dog.U Boquerones are ideal for rewarding your furry friend. Their 100% natural nature makes them free from preservatives and colorants, giving you the peace of mind that you are offering the best to your pet.

✅ Spoil your dog or cat with Dog.U Boquerones, a natural snack that not only satisfies their palate but also promotes their overall well-being. Made with 100% natural ingredients.

✅ No preservatives or colorants.

✅ Healthy source of omega 3 and omega 6.

✅ Helps maintain your pet's dental health.


    1 Bag x 60g

    Product details

    • Crude Protein - 67,6%
    • Crude Fat - 12,4%
    • Crude Fiber - 0,39%
    • Moisture - 14,1%
    • Crude Ash - 4,7%
    • Energy Value - 1611 KJ
    • No preservatives
    • Optimal dental health
    • Shiny coat
    • Reduces stress.


    100% Anchovies

    1-3/ DAY

    We recommend providing the snacks under supervision.

    1 Bag = 60g
    This product is a 100% natural snack; therefore, it may vary in weight and size.