Ryakubon Cards


Study cards for learning the order of Ryakubon, the first tea procedure that students of Urasenke usually learn.

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Are you a student of Urasenke tradition of Tea?

If you are still learning Ryakubon these cards will help you study outside of Okeiko. Bring them on the commute, or anywhere you have a few minutes to spare. Start at the beginning of the temae and try to remember what the next step is. Go through the deck to verify that you remember everything.

These 54 beautiful Temae Card will help you remember the order of Ryakubon. 48 cards show the procedure with helpful explanations. The remaining cards help a beginning student learn the most important words.

How to use the studycards

The studycards can be used to learn the order of Ryakubon between Tea lessons, making it easier to get the most out of your Tea practice faster.

The cards are lightweight, and you can easily bring them with you wherever you go. Do you have some downtime on the bus? Take out your studycards and use the commute to improve your understanding of the temae order.

The cards are tailored to Urasenke students.

Additional information

Print on Demand

These cards are printed and shipped directly to you by a 3rd party supplier. It can therefore not be bundled with any other product not also supplied by The Game Crafter.

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