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Tamaño Small
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Expand your outing possibilities with the Paris - Educative H Slim Dog Harness, an exclusive Dog.U model.

There are two coupling options: front for anti-pull effect and dorsal for long guides and seat belt. In addition to rosé zinc alloy finishes, ultra-twined polyester tape and identification plate.

This model has two super fasteners for easy dressing and a safety strap for the necessary moments. Take your dog's measurements and compare them to the chest to ensure a perfect fit, and engrave the contact information on the back of the tag when you receive the product!

Neck: 24cm - 40cm
Waist: 40cm - 50cm

Neck: 34cm - 54cm
Waist: 50cm - 68cm

Neck: 44cm - 72cm
Waist: 68cm - 100cm